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PennyPilot Sheds Light on the Dark World of Financial Advice

I felt helpless. I watched my mom pour over the onslaught of material sent to her by her prospective financial advisor, and she didn’t know where to begin.

Understandably so. She’d spent her whole life building skills unrelated to finance. Now she found herself confronted with figures and commentary that seemed like a foreign language.

I translated for her, walking her through key factors to focus on. I also continue to act as a sounding board should she have any questions. 

But, here is where my feeling of helplessness crept in. Not all people have access to someone that knows the ins and outs of financial advisory firms.

It seems designed that way. The more confused financial advisor’s clients remain, the easier it is to justify fees for eliminating that confusion. Don’t get me wrong. There are many great financial advisors out there. 

But, finding them is a challenge.  

That’s why we created PennyPilot. It’s an independent resource (we take no money from financial advisors to produce our Grades) that points you in the right direction when choosing a financial advisor.


Click “Access the Grades” below to find an advisory firm that will help you reach your financial goals. 

Advisory Firm Grades

Access our PennyPilot Grade to see how an advisory firm compares to others. As a starting point in your evaluation process, we grade more than 5,000 registered investment advisor firms (RIAs) across the United States. Our independent grading approach assesses five aspects of an advisory firm’s business that are important elements in determining how well they are able to serve their clients. You can learn more about the PennyPilot Grade by clicking here, or click “Access the Grades” below to see how your advisory firm measures up now!

Find a Financial Advisor With Our Directory

Our Financial Advisor Directory enables you to locate advisors near you, while simultaneously viewing how their firms are graded using our PennyPilot Grade framework. Our directory contains more than 250,000 financial advisors across the United States.

Working with a financial advisor
finding a financial advisor

Informative Infographics to Help You Find a Financial Advisor

Use our infographics to gain a better understanding of the industry without unnecessary complication.

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